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Docker container images providing OpenNMS Horizon environment.
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This repository is migrated and moved to the OpenNMS projects Docker repository opennms/horizon-core-web.
You can change your docker compose file from indigo/docker-opennms to opennms/horizon-core-web.

IMPORTANT: This repository will be removed on 28th February 2017.

Supported tags

  • latest, latest develop release Horizon 20
  • rc-19.0.0, release candidate for Horizon 19
  • 18.0.3-1, stable Horizon
  • 18.0.2-1, stable Horizon
  • 18.0.1-1, stable Horizon


  • Centos Oracle JDK 8 latest
  • Official PostgreSQL latest
  • Horizon 20 develop latest


  • Centos Oracle JDK 8 latest
  • Official PostgreSQL latest
  • Horizon 19.0.0 release candidate


  • Strict CentOS with Oracle JDK 8 update 121
  • Strict official PostgreSQL 9.5.4
  • Strict Horizon 18.0.3-1


  • Strict CentOS with Oracle JDK 8 update 112
  • Strict official PostgreSQL 9.5.4
  • Strict Horizon 18.0.2-1


  • Strict CentOS with Oracle JDK 8 update 102
  • Strict official PostgreSQL 9.5.4
  • Strict Horizon 18.0.1-1

OpenNMS Horizon Docker files

This repository provides snapshots for OpenNMS Horizon docker images.
It is recommended to use docker-compose to build an environment using the official PostgreSQL image.
In case you have already a PostgreSQL database running, you can provide the database configuration in the .opennms.env and .postgres.env environment files.

The compose file uses two data container. They are not running and just for persisting data purposes:

  • opennms_data: RRD/JRobin files, logs and configuration files
  • db_data: PostgreSQL database files

As long as you don't delete the db_data and opennms_data container you keep your data.

For the reason it is required to manually edit OpenNMS configuration files, it is recommended to mount the /opt/opennms/etc into a local directory on your host system. In case the directory is empty it will be initialized with a plain configuration from etc-pristine.

Just add the volumes directive in docker-compose.yml in the opennms service section:

      - /myhost/opennms/etc:/opt/opennms/etc


  • docker 1.11+
  • docker-compose 1.8.0+
  • git
  • optional on MacOSX, Docker environment, e.g. Kitematic, boot2docker or similar


git clone
cd docker-opennms
docker-compose up -d

The web application is exposed on TCP port 8980. You can login with default user admin with password admin. Please change immediately the default password to a secure password.

Support and Issues

Please open issues in the GitHub issue section.


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5 months ago

What is your docker-compose version? You find out with docker-compose --version. You need at least 1.8.0.

5 months ago

Hello, when i run the image, it is shown the following error "Unsupported config option for services service: 'opennms_data' ", please help , thanks a lot.