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INDIGO zabbix-wrapper Docker image
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This software layer has been written in order to expose Zabbix RESTful API and to work as adapter for different monitoring products

INDIGO zabbix-wrapper

This is the monitoring wrapper of the PaaS layer, a component of the INDIGO project. It exposes REST API wrapping the zabbix ones.
To make it properly work it should point to a zabbix server



This project has been created with maven 3.3.3 and Java 1.8. Maven will take care of downloading the extra dependencies needed for the project.


When having the war at disposal starting from a clean VM with Ubuntu install the docker manager:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wget
sudo wget -qO- | sh

Install the application server (Wildfly 9.x) right from directory into which there is the docker file for giving the proper instructions and deploy the webapp

docker build -t indigodatacloud/zabbix-wrapper .
docker logs -f `sudo docker run --name zabbix-wrapper -e ZABBIX_URL=http://<url-zabbix>/api_jsonrpc.php -e ZABBIX_USERNAME=<zabbix-username> -e ZABBIX_PASSWORD=<zabbix-password> -p 80:8080 -d indigodatacloud/zabbix-wrapper`

The deploy will be successfull if the endpoints written in the property file are correct and the wrapper can reach the server itself

In case wrapper is not a war --> Compile the code

To compile the project you need to be in the same folder as the pom.xml file and type:

mvn clean install -DskipTests

This command compiles the code and skip the tests. If you want to compile the code running the tests too you can use:

mvn clean install

At compilation completed, the zabbix-wrapper.war file will be put inside the target folder.

Build the Docker image

The generated war must then be placed in the docker folder.

You can build the docker image with the command

docker build -t indigodatacloud/zabbix-wrapper /path/to/the/docker/folder

    The only configuration needed for the project is concerned with the parameters to be passed when launching docker run command as the following:
    1. ZABBIX_URL: zabbix url in the format http://{domain-name}/api_jsonrpc.php
    2. ZABBIX_USERNAME: Zabbix username
    3. ZABBIX_PASSWORD: Zabbix password
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