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A bot for trailing @banjo votes on STEEM.
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Now You Can Trail Banjo With Docker

Good News, Everybody! I created a simple docker image for trailing @banjo. In a nutshell, all it does is stream the blockchain, very similar to my previous how-to on the topic. When it sees a vote by @banjo, it will also vote.

If you have docker already, here are the commands to get it started:

$ docker pull inertia/banjo-trail
$ docker run --name banjo-trail -e account=social -e wif=5JrvPrQeBBvCRdjv29iDvkwn3EQYZ9jqfAHzrCyUvfbEbRkrYFC inertia/banjo-trail

But you'll want to change the account and wif values to your account name and private posting key. Those are just there as an example.

If you don't want to go through all that, you can trail @banjo on Streemian. Why trail @banjo? Although it's a voting bot, all of it's votes are initiated manually by the good people of SteemSpeak. If you want more information, check out the introduction post.

Running Docker on AWS from the ground up

To set up a Docker image for macOS. This example is by @teego, showing how to set up a steem wallet. But the principle is the same. Just use inertia/banjo-trail instead.

And for Windows:

Docker Pull Command