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mixu/npm_lazy on Docker.

ENV and default values

ENV defaule info
CACHE_DIRECTORY /data Cache directory
LOG_TO_CONSOLE true Print to stdout with colors
LOG_TO_FILE false Write log to file
logFileName /data/npm_lazy.log Log file path. (This should be a file path.)
CACHE_AGE 3600000(60 60 1000) cacheAge: maximum age before an index is refreshed from <br/>- negative value means no refresh (e.g. once cached, never update the package.json metadata) <br/> - zero means always refresh (e.g. always ask the registry for metadata)<br/>- positive value means refresh every n milliseconds<br/> (e.g. 60 60 1000 = expire metadata every 60 minutes)<br/>Note: if you want to use npm star and other methods which update<br/>- npm metadata, you will need to set cacheAge to 0. npm generally wants the latest<br/>- package metadata version so caching package metadata will interfere with it.
HTTP_TIMEOUT 10000 max milliseconds to wait for each HTTP response
MAX_RETRIES 5 maximum number of retries per HTTP resource to get
REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED true whether or not HTTPS requests are checked against Node's list of CAs<br/> set false if you are using your own npm mirror with a self-signed SSL cert
EXTERNAL_URL http://localhost:3000 External url to npm_lazy, no trailing /
REMOTE_URL Registry url with trailing /
PORT 3000 Bind port
HOST Bind host
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