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A docker image with the Rainloop mail client installed
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This is an Arch Linux-based image with Rainloop (a webmail client) installed.

It's running as a FastCGI app, listening on port 9000. You'll need to run
some kind of proxy, like nginx or lighttpd. I have an example script + config
for running this with lighttpd in this repo.


Rainloop expects the data folder to have a certain layout. I've made a small
script to setup the data folder structure at /opt/ -
you should only have to do this once.


$ docker build -t <repo name> .

Run in foreground

$ docker run -v /path/to/perm/folder:/var/lib/rainloop/data -p 9000 jprjr/rainloop

Run with built-in NGINX

$ docker run -e NGINX=1 -d -v /path/to/perm/folder:/var/lib/rainloop/data -p 80 jprjr/rainloop

Alternatively, you should be able to use links and data-only containers for

Exposed ports

  • 9000 (fastcgi port)
  • 80 (optional built-in nginx)

Exposed volumes

  • /usr/share/webapps/rainloop (explicitly from the Dockerfile. You'll want your proxy to access this volume using --volumes-from or similar)
  • /var/lib/rainloop/data
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