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Docker Hub Exporter for Prometheus
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Prometheus Docker Hub Exporter

Exposes metrics of container pulls and stars from the Docker Hub API, to a Prometheus compatible endpoint. The exporter is capable of pulling down stats for individual images, or for orgs or users from DockerHub. This is based on the un-documented V2 Docker Hub API.


The image is setup to take two parameters from environment variables:

  • BIND_PORT The port you wish to run the container on, defaults to 9170
  • ORGS The docker hub organizations you wish to monitor, expected in the format "org1, org2" (Also works for users)
  • IMAGES The images you wish to monitor, expected in the format "user/image1, user/image2". Can be across different dockerhub users.

Install and deploy

Run manually from Docker Hub:

docker run -d --restart=always -p 9170:9170 -e IMAGES="infinityworks/ranch-eye, infinityworks/prom-conf" -e ORGS="infinityworks" infinityworks/docker-hub-exporter

Build a docker image:

docker build -t <image-name> .
docker run -d --restart=always -p 9170:9170 -e IMAGES="infinityworks/ranch-eye, infinityworks/prom-conf" <image-name>

Docker compose

    tty: true
    stdin_open: true
      - 9170:9170
    image: infinityworks/docker-hub-exporter


Metrics will be made available on port 9170 by default

# HELP docker_hub_image_last_updated last_updated
# TYPE docker_hub_image_last_updated gauge
docker_hub_image_last_updated{image="prometheus-rancher-exporter",user="infinityworks"} 1472731040.0
# HELP docker_hub_image_pulls_total pulls_total
# TYPE docker_hub_image_pulls_total counter
docker_hub_image_pulls_total{image="prometheus-rancher-exporter",user="infinityworks"} 188672.0
# HELP docker_hub_image_stars stars
# TYPE docker_hub_image_stars gauge
docker_hub_image_stars{image="prometheus-rancher-exporter",user="infinityworks"} 3.0
# HELP docker_hub_image_is_automated is_automated
# TYPE docker_hub_image_is_automated gauge
docker_hub_image_is_automated{image="prometheus-rancher-exporter",user="infinityworks"} 1.0


Docker Pull Command

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