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This is a Apache Tomcat 8 docker image. Flexible setup and delivered with some extensions.
Full Description

Flexible Docker Apache Tomcat 8 container

  • Based on official trustet docker inc openjdk java jre-8
  • Install Apache Tomcat 8 Basic distribution
  • Add jolokia jmx rest api to the distribution
  • Tuned server.xml and for production
  • Access Log to stdout
  • Drop all webapps and unused files
  • Show some docker tricks
    • My webapp and tomcat docker composition pattern
    • JDK and Tomcat as docker data volume
    • Easy overwrite or extend Tomcat configs, webapps or libs

More Info

This implements some ideas from my german tomcat blog post:

Tomcat Blog Post

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See my infrabricks blog to more informations.

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