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Curator in docker

This is dockerized version of elasticsearch curator,
tool to manage time-based indices.

Why this image

This image keeps up to date with curator releases and has tags
in the docker registry. It is also based on minimal alpine image,
resulting in just 50mb image.


Image entrypoint is set to curator script, so just run the image:

docker run --rm bobrik/curator:3.0.3 --help

Pick whatever version you need.

Connect to linked Elasticsearch container

When we run Elasticsearch as a docker container, we can link it
when starting up the curator container to automatically set the
--host and --port parameters of curator with the appropriate values
provided by Docker:

docker run -d --name myElasticsearch elasticsearch:latest
docker run --rm --link myElasticSearch:elasticsearch bobrik/curator:3.0.3 show indices --all-indices

Note: The name of the link needs to be elasticsearch.

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