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Providing typesafe activator, designed to launch play applications (multiple versions)
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Docker image which provides a typesafe activator 1.3.2, designed to launch play applications (v2.3+).

  • Activator: 1.3.2
  • Play version: 2.3.8
  • Java: Oracle-jdk-8u45
  • OS: CentOS-7

Run your app

Your play app has to be mounted in the container in the /app directory. Should you want to publish your app port to the host, you must use the -p argument.

Here is an example of a docker run command:

docker run -d \
  -v /path/to/your/play/app:/app:rw \
  -p 80:9000 \

In some cases, you'll need to run play with the current user:

docker run -d \
  -v /path/to/your/play/app:/app:rw \
  -p 80:9000 \
  -u $(id -u)

You can also package your app, in order to do that, create a Dockerfile like it:

FROM ingensi/play-framework:latest

ADD /path/to/my/play-src /app

Image inheritance

This docker image inherits from the ingeni/oracle-jdk image. It includes an oracle jdk install in its latest version.

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