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This is a basic CentOS7/Apache/PHP-FPM Docker image. It could be used on its own by
mounting a host volume at /var/www but it's meant to be a model for more
complex setups.

To use

docker run -d -p 80:80 -v /path/to/site/files:/var/www -v /path/to/logs:/var/log inhumantsar/www

Notable Changes


  • "userdir" and "welcome" configurations are removed
  • worker mpm has been enabled, had problems with event. YMMV.
  • Set it up with mod_proxy_fcgi


  • Upped log level to warning
  • Set daemonize to no (duh)
  • Set listen to
  • Set user/group to apache
  • Enabled ping page (/ping)


  • Disabled all supervisorctl bits and bobs including HTTP listeners.
  • Set to drop privs to user 'apache'
  • nodaemon is enabled (duh)
  • log, pid paths configured sanely: /var/log and /run/

Copyright 2014 Shaun Martin & PSD Inc.

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