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Tomcat 7 on Java 7
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Tomcat 7 on Java 7

This image includes Tomcat 7 installation and deployment. It is based on inovatrend/java7 , check there what else is installed on it.

Tomcat runs as runit service. It is installed in /opt/tomcat dir, and includes Tomcat Manager for deployment of webapps.

To access Tomcat Manager:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: can be set when running docker container by passing TOMCAT_PASS env. veriable. Otherwise random password is generated on startup.

Password can be seen using command:

docker logs <container_id>

In log entry similar to this will appear:

You can now configure to this Tomcat server using:



Pulling image

A prebuilt container is available on Docker Hub, you can get it with following command

docker pull inovatrend/tomcat7-java7


To test run it, run following command:

docker run --rm -P -t -i inovatrend/tomcat7-java7 /sbin/my_init -- bash -l

To run it as daemon, you can use command similar to this one:

docker run -d -p 49154:8080 --name app_name -e " -Xmx1024m" -e "TOMCAT_PASS=somePass" inovatrend/tomcat7-java7
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