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CloudFlare Dynamic DNS using STUN
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CloudFlare Dynamic DNS using STUN

There are a few command line dynamic DNS clients that support CloudFlares' API, but most of these use services like jsonip <>_ to look up the external IP of a system. These services are great, but it would be better to use a standard protocol to do this. Fortunately, the STUN protocol exists for exactly this purpose.

Quick Start


CF_AUTH_EMAIL="" CF_AUTH_KEY="abcde1234" cloudflare_stun --zone --record-name extrn

Will create or update an A record for with the public IP address of the machine running the tool.



cloudflare_stun [-h] --zone ZONE [--record-name RECORD_NAME]
[--cf-auth-key CF_AUTH_KEY]
[--cf-auth-email CF_AUTH_EMAIL]
[--stun-server STUN_SERVER] [--stun-port STUN_PORT]
[--ttl TTL] [--force-update] [--debug | --quiet]

-h, --help show this help message and exit

 --zone ZONE                     The name of the zone to update

 --record-name RECORD_NAME       The name of the record to update, eg if --zone is
                        and --record-name is extrn,
                        will be updated. If omitted,
                                 the root of the zone will be updated

 --cf-auth-key CF_AUTH_KEY       Cloudflare auth key. This is required if the
                                 CF_AUTH_KEY environment variable isn't set

 --cf-auth-email CF_AUTH_EMAIL   Cloudflare auth email. This is required if the
                                 CF_AUTH_EMAIL environment variable isn't set

 --stun-server STUN_SERVER       STUN server to query

 --stun-port STUN_PORT           Port of the STUN server

 --ttl TTL                       TTL of the new DNS record. This is only used if the
                                 record doesn't already exist

 --force-update                  By default, the tool won't attempt to update the
                                 record if it is already correct. Use this to override
                                 this behavior

 --debug                         Output lots of information to help with debugging

 --quiet                         Don't output anything

Known Issues

  • This tool only support Python 2.7, because the underlying STUN library doesn't support Python 3.x - See the upstream repo <>_ for details.
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