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DVDStore example with inspectIT based on docker

This docker image is based on the official JBoss docker image including the inspectIT agent of the open source APM solution As an example, the pre configured DVDStore Application is deployed.


If you have Docker Compose installed on your linux system, just use our docker-compose.yml to start the whole stack. Otherwise follow these steps:

First you need a running inspectIT CMR. You can use our docker image:

$ docker run -d --name inspectIT-CMR -p 8182:8182 -p 9070:9070 inspectit/cmr:

Now you can start a container with the following command:

$ docker run -d --name inspectIT-dvdstore -h dvdstore -p 8080:8080 --link inspectIT-CMR:cmr inspectit/dvdstore

After this, check if you can connect to the application via a browser (

Connect with inspectIT UI (Client)

Download the inspectIT Client from
The client will start with a pre defined "Local CMR" - IP:
Now you should the see a registered Local CMR and a connected agent. The name of the agent is equal to the container-id in docker.

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