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Short Description
Single-shot or continuous git-pull for cloning and updating a repo mount point across a swarm.
Full Description


Git pull, plain and simple (why wasn't there already a published
container to do this)?


See the docker-compose.yml file for a simple example (add additional
services to pick up content pulled by this image). A Makefile is
provided to generate the deploy key as a Docker secret; after doing so,
upload the new public key to your git server.

This image will continously update a path on each Docker swarm node
from contents of a particular repo; if you define an environment
variable ADMIN_PATH (or Docker named volume) and place configuration
files for each service in subdirectories of that repo, this is a handy
way of propagating configurations (such as /etc files) across the
cluster. Note that any Docker mounts must be made with ro
(read-only) set to keep this container running without merge conflicts.


Variable Description
DEST destination directory under /git
GIT_COMMIT branch name or hash
GIT_HOST hostname of git repo (for keyscan)
GIT_REPO repository name
INTERVAL polling interval, 0 for one-shot


Secret Description
git-deploy_sshkey private half of deploy keypair

Docker Pull Command
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