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A poor-man's SAN for small Docker swarm clusters.
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This HA tool provides sync for persistent storage between two swarm nodes,
with automatic recovery after a failure of either node.

If you don't have a SAN or cloud-infrastructure to support persistent
volumes, build a stack using this container. Then your other stacks can
reference volume mount points as subdirectories of /var/lib/docker/share.

At present this is far easier to set up than other clustering technologies.


To generate an ssh keypair for synchronization and label your nodes,
invoke the following:

PRIMARY=<host1> PEER=<host2> make label_nodes

Then deploy the stack:

docker stack deploy -c ../../swarm-sync.yml swarm-sync

Then use this compose-file constraint in your stack definitions:

      replicas: 1
        - node.labels.swarm-sync-member == true

For monitoring, put nagios-nrpe-swarm-sync.cfg into your /etc/nagios
directory and add an NRPE check_swarm_sync check to the primary host's
list of services. Set the warning/critical values as appropriate for
your polling frequency in the cfg file.

If you add any mount points underneath the synchronized volume, restart this service.


Variable Default Description
PEERNAME peer docker DNS name of peer
SECRET swarm-sync_sshkey override name of secret described below
SYNC_INTERVAL 5 frequency, in minutes
SYNC_ROLE primary role, primary or secondary
SYNC_SSHKEY public ssh key as generated by Makefile


Secret Description
swarm-sync_sshkey private half of ssh keypair

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