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A poor-man's SAN for small Docker swarm clusters.
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This HA tool provides sync for persistent storage between two swarm nodes,
with automatic recovery after a failure of either node.

If you don't have a SAN or cloud-infrastructure to support persistent
volumes, build a stack using this container. Then your other stacks can
reference volume mount points as subdirectories of /var/lib/docker/share.

At present this is far easier to set up than other clustering technologies.


To generate an ssh keypair for synchronization and label your nodes,
invoke the following:

PRIMARY=<host1> PEER=<host2> make label_nodes

Then deploy the stack:

docker stack deploy -c ../../swarm-sync.yml swarm-sync

Then use this compose-file constraint in your stack definitions:

      replicas: 1
        - node.labels.swarm-sync-member == true

For monitoring, put nagios-nrpe-swarm-sync.cfg into your /etc/nagios
directory and add an NRPE check_swarm_sync check to the primary host's
list of services. Set the warning/critical values as appropriate for
your polling frequency in the cfg file.


Variable Default Description
PEERNAME peer docker DNS name of peer
SECRET swarm-sync_sshkey override name of secret described below
SYNC_INTERVAL 5 frequency, in minutes
SYNC_ROLE primary role, primary or secondary
SYNC_SSHKEY public ssh key as generated by Makefile


Secret Description
swarm-sync_sshkey private half of ssh keypair

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