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Weather Station Software
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amd64: armhf:

Weather station software WeeWX

This includes WeeGreen skin; see the live site for an example.
Two architectures are supported; look for amd64 (Intel/AMD) and armhf (Raspberry Pi) images on Docker Hub.


First create secrets as defined below, in /var/adm/admin/secrets.
Ensure your weather station device (usually /dev/ttyUSB0) is
read/writeable by user "weewx" (uid 2071) or by gid 20 (group
"dialout") via udev rules--all other parameters can be set as below.

Then deploy this service with docker-compose; see the example
docker-compose.yml. Available environment variables are below.

To create the external-facing web site, use the simple nginx.conf
configuration provided here. You can run nginx under docker swarm with
the docker-compose-nginx.yml stack definition.


Variable Default value Description
ALTITUDE "100, foot" elevation of station
LATITUDE 50.00 coordinates
LONGITUDE -80.00 coordinates
DB_BINDING_SUFFIX mysql suffix for db binding stanzas
DB_DRIVER weedb.mysql database driver
DB_HOST db hostname of db
DB_NAME weewx_a name of main archive database
DB_NAME_FORECAST weewx_f name of forecast database
DB_USER weewx username for db
DEVICE_PORT /dev/ttyUSB0 serial-port device
HTML_ROOT /var/www/weewx tmp directory for generating html/png images
LOCATION "Anytown, USA" location to display in banner
LOGGING_INTERVAL 300 sampling interval
RAIN_YEAR_START 7 month to start collecting annual rain data
RAPIDFIRE True enable Weather Underground realtime updates
RSYNC_DEST /usr/share/nginx/html rsync destination path
RSYNC_HOST web01 rsync destination host
RSYNC_PORT 22 rsync ssh port
RSYNC_USER wx rsync username
SKIN standard skin to enable
STATION_ID unset Weather Underground station ID
STATION_TYPE Vantage station type (see usersguide
SYSLOG_DEST /var/log/messages Syslog file or TCP dest (@@host:port)
TZ US/Eastern Local timezone
TZ_CODE 10 Davis VantagePro timezone code see index
WEEK_START 6 day of week to start weekly data (0 = Mon)
WX_USER weewx run-as username
XTIDE_LOCATION unset xtide setting, see index


Secret Description
weewx-db-password database password for MySQL
weewx-rsync-sshkey private ssh key for rsync upload
weewx-wunderground-apikey API key for
weewx-wunderground-password password for


This can't run in swarm because it needs to attach the weather
stations as devices. Currently, docker-compose doesn't support
"external" secrets outside a swarm so they have to be stored as
plain-text files.

Tide info for US locations is generated by a library called
xtide; there's no binary package for it in Alpine Linux
so a somewhat complicated set of commands is included here to package
it from source within Dockerfile.

Output logging from weewx is a bit of a mess: when running
in foreground, a lot of verbose clutter appears on stdout; the
real logs go to syslog and there's no configuration method to
send these elsewhere (like stdout to conform to Docker's logging
standard). So the SYSLOG_DEST environment variable provided here
can provide a way to send proper logging (via the rsyslogd
process included in this image) to a central syslog service.

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