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A Python webapp which lets you vote between two options
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a year ago

In case it helps:

git clone
cd example-voting-app
docker-compose build

You now have all the required images.

If you just want the vote, worker, and result images - feel free to get them from here:

I just tagged and pushed what docker-compose creates to my hub.docker account using:

docker tag examplevotingapp_result arcseldon/examplevotingapp_result
docker push examplevotingapp_result
docker tag examplevotingapp_worker arcseldon/examplevotingapp_worker
docker push examplevotingapp_worker
docker tag examplevotingapp_vote arcseldon/examplevotingapp_vote
docker push examplevotingapp_vote

a year ago

Actually, it appears that the results, worker, and vote images are all currently hosted under the docker repository:

redis and postgres are indeed from the official images.

The docker-compose file can be your guide for what options you need to create each service with to make the demo work:

a year ago

This image seems to only contain the python vote app. I assume the results and worker apps will be posted later. The redis and postgres images I think were off-the-shelf official images that get configured by one of the other apps in the environment.

a year ago

Where can I see image source? I can't understand how one image can hold all of these: