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Chatbot for WFP mVAM
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WFP mVAM food prices Telegram bot.


  • A PostgreSQL database version 9.5, which can be provisioned via micrate and seeded via bin/load-prices.
  • A Telegram bot, created by talking to BotFather
  • A application
  • ffmpeg is needed for voice messages recognition (can be installed on Mac using Homebrew)

Database setup

To create a development database and run migrations:

$ createdb -E utf8 -O `whoami` mvam-chatbot
$ bin/micrate up

Prices can be seeded by running bin/load-prices

Bot setup

To set up a Telegram bot to use for this project, talk to BotFather and run the following slash commands:

  • /newbot to create the bot, make sure to write down the access token
  • /setdescription to set a suitable welcoming message
  • /setinline to enable inline mode, with a description like search prices...
  • /seteinlinegeo to send user GPS coordinates with inline queries
  • /setcommands with the commands list

Bot commands list

Upon sending /setcommands to BotFather, send:

location - Set your location
price - Get prices on a commodity near you
help - Detailed help on this bot

Bot certificate

To create a sample certificate to use in Telegram serve mode:

openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -sha256 -nodes -keyout cert.key -x509 -days 365 -out cert.pem -subj "/C=US/ST=New York/L=Brooklyn/O=Example Brooklyn Company/CN=cert" application

An application that should be able to identify the required entities and intents.

Several entities can be seeded with all the WFP DB prices by running bin/upload-entities.


Set the following environment variables:

  • WFP_DATA_URL: URL to WFP dataset in CSV format, such as
  • TELEGRAM_TOKEN: access token for the Telegram bot
  • TELEGRAM_BOT_NAME: name of the bot, defaults to wfpBot
  • PG_URL: URL to the postgres DB

In addition, if using the Telegram webhook to get updates, instead of polling:

  • TELEGRAM_WEBHOOK_URL: URL of the webhook where Telegram should post updates
  • TELEGRAM_CERTIFICATE_PATH: path to the certificate to set with the webhook
  • TELEGRAM_KEY_PATH: path to the private key of the certificate, if the app should listen for secure connections
  • TELEGRAM_BIND_ADDRESS: bind address for listening to Telegram updates
  • TELEGRAM_BIND_PORT: bind port for listening to Telegram updates

To run the web application:

  • WEB_USERNAME: user for basic-auth access
  • WEB_PASSWORD: pass for basic-auth access
  • WEB_BIND_ADDRESS: address for binding the web app
  • WEB_BIND_PORT: port for binding the web app
  • WEB_URL: public address where the web app is accessible

To forward all not-understood messages to

  • WIT_ACCESS_TOKEN: access token for application

To enable geocoding for users location add either MAPZEN_ACCESS_TOKEN or MAPQUEST_ACCESS_TOKEN, depending on which service you wish to use.


Run locally with crystal src/

A supporting web application can be run with crystal src/


  • Create test db with createdb mvambot-test
  • Run migrations bin/micrate up with PG_URL=postgres://ubuntu@localhost/mvambot-test
  • Seed test DB running bin/load-prices with PG_URL=postgres://ubuntu@localhost/mvambot-test
  • Run tests with crystal spec


Overview of upcoming milestones.

Price queries


Support for geolocated price queries via inline queries, commands, or NLP.
Use WFP food prices DB to answer queries.



Run food security surveys from the bot.


Await feedback from the two previous milestones and implement suggested changes.

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