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A daemon for provisioning mapping of nginx and Docker containers.


When an new Docker container is started, docker-lb-mapper does following:

  1. Regenerates a mapping file.
    • the nginx container must have a volume for a mapping file, e.g. /etc/nginx/containers volume.
    • the docker-lb-mapper container mounts the volume from it.
  2. Sends a signal (SIGHUP) to the nginx container.
    • docker-lb-mapper finds the nginx container which provides the volume.
    • docker-lb-mapper sends a signal via Docker API.

A mapping file consists of hostname, domainname and IP address of each container.;;;

How to use

Try the demo now.
It requires Docker and Fig.

git clone
cd docker-lb-mapper/demo/
fig up

# Access to helloworld container

# Not exists

See fig.yml and nginx configuration for details.

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