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The latest stable release of PostgreSQL Server.
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PostgreSQL + BDR Dockerfile

This project can be used to deploy a PostgreSQL Server + BDR cluster using Docker containers. Additional documentation on BDR can be found here.

The container has a few built in scripts to help system admins manage the container after it has been launched.

###Start the Container

In order to build a cluster you need 2 or more hosts. On each of those hosts run the following commands to download and launch the container.

$] sudo docker pull inteliquent/postgresql:9.4.8_BDR
$] sudo docker run -e PGSQL_INIT=true -e PGSQL_MASTERS= -e PGSQL_DEPLOYMENT_TYPE=replicated --name pgsql --net=host -d inteliquent/postgresql:9.4.8_BDR

###Creating a new Database

When adding a new database the following commands have to be run on each of the master nodes in the cluster.

Log into the Container

$] sudo docker exec -i -t pgsql /bin/bash

Add a database to the Cluster

When adding a database to the cluster make sure to replace the node name -nn and IP address -ba with the correct values.

$] pgsql-create-bdr-db -d bdrdemo -o postgres -n node_1 -ip -p 5432
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