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IntelligenceLab - Docker Images

This repository includes files and scripts to build Docker Images for Data Science Environment.

How to use?

Simply pull images and start!

docker run -it --rm --name=DSX -p 8888:8888 intelligencelab/datascience_base

And then access http://ip-address-of-server:8888/ in your browser.

Docker Images

datascience_ape (folder docker_ape)

This docker image including basic environment to run a Jupyter Notebook (or JupyterHub) with Python 3.6, R 3.4, OpenJDK 8, NodeJS 9.

The images is built based on ubuntu, although only tested on x86 platform, it is expected to be able to run on ppc64le platform.

Although conda is installed, we do not recommend to use conda to install a lib/package, because:

  • Conda does not reuse the existing system library yet, if a system lib is already installed, conda install it again.
  • Conda does not provide a stable linux system library repository yet, for example, some lib works well on debian:jessie but fail on debian:stretch.

datascience_base (folder docker_base)

This docker image is built based on docker_ape, which install some frequent used Python/R packages and Jupyter Notebook extension.


These images are highly customizable, if you find a system lib / Python module / R packages is missing,
you can easily add one in the install_XX.list in the work folder.

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