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Untangling Austin's Problems

This is the basic website for <>_
to help foster a community of individuals who are interested in specific
social problems within the context of geography regardless of their

Docker Compose

You can run with:

    $ docker-compose up

And then point your window to:

    $ open http://$(docker-machine ip):8000


    $ open http://localhost:8000

run-docker script

Another option is to use the run-docker script included at the top of
the repo.

$ pip install docker-py docopt
$ ./run-docker

We use (or WIP will use) the following tech stack:

  • Ansible <>_
  • Bootstrap <>_
  • Debian <>_
  • Docker <>_
  • Flask <>_ (moving to Python 3 <>_ soon)
  • NginX <>_
  • PostgreSQL 9.5 <>_
  • React <>_
  • Sass <>_
  • Sphinx <>_
  • uWSGI <>_


Download Tools

First make sure that you have the required pre-requisites:

   * `git <>`_
   * `virtualbox <>`_
   * `docker-toolkit <>`_
   * `python <>`

Download Image

We have placed an image already up on docker hub that you can start
with. To download:

$ docker pull intertwineio/platform


    * If new libraries are added to the repository, you may need to rebuild
      your local copy of the docker instance:

          $ docker-compose build

    * Reminder: Docker containers are ephemeral.  Any changes you make in
      a running instance will be lost when you start a new docker container.

    * If using vmware, you may need to setup vmnet8 for forwarding ports when
      setting up for mobile.

* The basic docker image will use to execute.  The options
  for this can be found within the file.  But to use a different
  set of options, you will need to use a more complex command:

    $ docker run -v $(pwd):/opt/repos/platform -p 80:8000 -it intertwineio/platform ./ <options here>

  For example, to run in outside of debug mode:

    $ docker run -v $(pwd):/opt/repos/platform -p 80:8000 -it intertwineio/platform ./ -p 8000


Copyright 2018, - All rights reserved


Internally, we expect developers to use the following technologies to
help keep development consistent:


* py.test
* tox
* pep8
* flake8  (line length ought to be 90ish)

We currently also use travis <>_
to help identify issues.

We also use slack <>_ to communicate.

Docker Pull Command
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