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codeBeamer ALM with Jenkins: the integrated & comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management tool
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Intland Software's codeBeamer ALM is an Application Lifecycle Management solution that offers powerful capabilities from requirements management all the way through testing too release & operations. It helps ensure traceability, transparency, process visibility and accountability across the lifecycle. codeBeamer ALM's advanced features and preconfigured templates support compliance with safety-critical (medical, automotive, aviation) industry standards and regulations.

Its widespread integrations allow enterprises to connect data and processes across multi-layered product lifecycles, ensuring integrity and data consistency. Offering advanced QA & testing features and a Jenkins integration, codeBeamer ALM is a single platform to implement adequate quality assurance throughout the lifecycle.

Intland Software's codeBeamer was named one of the top 4 market leading ALM platforms by Ovum in 2016.

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On macOS and Windows the storage driver must be set to aufs in docker settings: “storage-driver” : “aufs”

How to use this image:

$ docker run  -d -p 8888:80 -p 9000:8080 -p 222:22  intland/codebeamer-jenkins

codeBeamer will be available via port 8888 and Jenkins via 9000, user/pass: bond/007 for both.
Jenkins contains example how to use our XUnit and Code Coverage plugin with Java and CPP.

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