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An open-source invoicing and time-tracking app built with Laravel
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DockerFile for invoice ninja (

This image is based on php:7.0-fpm official version.

To make your data persistent, you have to mount /var/www/app/public/logo and /var/www/app/storage.


To run it:

docker run -d
  -e APP_ENV='production'
  -e APP_DEBUG=0
  -e APP_URL=''
  -e APP_KEY='SomeRandomStringSomeRandomString'
  -e DB_TYPE='mysql'
  -e DB_STRICT='false'
  -e DB_HOST='localhost'
  -e DB_DATABASE='ninja'
  -e DB_USERNAME='ninja'
  -e DB_PASSWORD='ninja'
  -p '80:80'

A list of environment variables can be found here

With docker-compose

A pretty ready to use docker-compose configuration can be found into ./docker-compose.
Rename .env.example into .env and change the environment's variable as needed.
The file assume that all your persistent data is mounted from /srv/invoiceninja/.
Once started the application should be accessible at http://localhost:8000/

Know issue

Phantomjs doesn't work on linux alpine

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