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ECMSDK is a flexible open source Java API for building demanding content management-based software.
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What is ECMSDK ?

Enterprise Content Management SDK (ECMSDK) is an open source, modern, mature, robust and flexible runtime and development platform for building demanding information management applications. The features and capabilities of EMCSDK are designed to help developers bring enterprise-scalable information management-based applications to market faster and better than with any other platform. ECMSDK provides a set of Java APIs that developers can use to customize or extend the product’s core functionality in numerous ways to build comprehensive content-centric database solutions.

Detailed info on

This ECMSDK image includes the ECMSDK software running on Tomcat 8 with openJDK7. The ECMSDK schema is stored in an Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) 11.2 database instance. The underlying OS is Ubuntu Linux 14.

How to use this image ?

Pull this Docker image from the Docker repository

docker pull inxire/ecmsdk

Run this Docker image

This image can expose the following ports:

  • 22 for SSH
  • 1521 for the database listener
  • 8088 as the HTTP port for the database admin UI
  • 8080 as the HTTP port for Tomcat 8
docker run -d -p 50022:22 -p 51521:1521 -p 58088:8088 -p 58080:8080 --name ecmsdk inxire/ecmsdk

To check if all services get started within the image, you can execute:

docker logs -f ecmsdk

Wait until you see Tomcat started. in the log output.

Connect to your image

Connect to the database

hostname: <>
port: 51521
sid: xe
username: system
password: oracle

Password for SYS & SYSTEM: oracle

ECMSDK schema owner and password: ECMSDK/ECMSDK

Login by SSH

ssh root@<> -p 50022
password: admin

Username of Oracle XE installation: oracle

Access URLs

Oracle Database XE Admin UI

WebDAV against ECMSDK

Start developing

You can now start developing your applications by using the ECMSDK APIs published at against this ready-to-go ECMSDK Docker image.

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