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Ubuntu Core Docker images for the i386 platform
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This repo contains the following (plain vanilla) Ubuntu Core Docker images:

  • 13.10
  • 14.04
  • 14.04.1
  • 14.04.2
  • 14.04.3
  • 14.10
  • 15.04
  • 15.10
  • 16.04
  • latest (which is 16.04)

The images have been generated with the following command:

curl<version>/release/ubuntu-base-<version>-core-i386.tar.gz | gunzip | sudo docker import - ioft/i386-ubuntu_core:<version>

This images are quite small but not modified/optimized in any way for Docker usage. You may take a look at the 'official' ones (ioft/i386-ubuntu), made on top of Ubuntu Core. If you expect snappy ubuntu here, you might be disappointed, it's the core part of Snappy Ubuntu Core only. I believe the snappy mechanism doesn't make much sense inside Docker containers, it's more for the outer world.

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