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Python for System Administrators

Browse this course with the online notebook viewer!


See README.setup for detailed instruction on:

- Linux
- Windows
- Mac OS

If you use docker, just run:

# docker-compose up course
# firefox http://localhost:8888

For ansible homework, setup the ssh keys and run:

# docker-compose scale course=1 ansible=2

Playing the course

An easy way to run the course is on Linux with:

#pip install -r requirements.txt    # install dependencies
#nosetests -v                       # check if everything is ok
#jupyter-notebook notebooks/        # ;)

Each notebook is associated to a python file in scripts/.


  • If you are a novice, consider reading the
    introductory crash course in ../python-basic/

  • Introducing ipython

    • 01_ipython.ipy
  • Managing files

  • Gathering system data

  • Introduction to nosetest

  • Parsing 101

  • Data processing

  • Ansible

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