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Small docker container with my own changes.
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Docker container that creates a SMB share.


docker run -d \
  -p 137:137/udp \
  -p 138:138/udp \
  -p 139:139 \
  -p 445:445 \
  -p 445:445/udp \
  --restart='always' \
  --hostname 'filer' \
  -v /media/stick:/share/stick \
  --name samba dastrasmue/rpi-samba:v3 \
  -u "alice:abc123" \
  -u "bob:secret" \
  -s "Backup directory:/share/stick/backups:rw:alice,bob" \
  -s "Alice (private):/share/stick/data/alice:rw:alice" \
  -s "Bob (private):/share/stick/data/bob:rw:bob" \
  -s "Documents (readonly):/share/stick/data/documents:ro:alice,bob"
  -s "Public (readonly):/share/stick/data/public:ro:"

This example will bind smbd to docker host ip address
and mount two directories on docker host to container.
Additionally, the supplied hostname will be used for the NetBIOS name.
Two users will be created and given various access to four shares.
Ommitting users from a share results in guest access.
The public share will have guest access and be browsable.


You'll want to expose enough ports to make the server discoverable.
The example above should be enough to get you moving.

Open Finder, then press ⌘K. Enter smb://<docker_host_ip>
and press Connect.
Enter login and password you supplied at the run stage.

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