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Container used to test ipfs-cluster with kubernetes-ipfs.
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IPFS Cluster

Pinset orchestration for IPFS.

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IPFS Cluster allows to allocate, replicate and track Pins across a cluster of IPFS daemons.

It provides:

  • A cluster peer application: ipfs-cluster-service, to be run along with go-ipfs.
  • A client CLI application: ipfs-cluster-ctl, which allows easily interacting with the peer's HTTP API.

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Please visit to access user documentation, guides and any other resources, including detailed download and usage instructions.

News & Roadmap

We regularly post project updates to .

The most up-to-date Roadmap is available at .


Instructions for different installation methods (including from source) are available at .


Extensive usage information is provided at , including:


PRs accepted. As part of the IPFS project, we have some contribution guidelines.

Small note: If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


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