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A simple Dockerfile to setup a salt-minion for dry-run testing of Salt states.
This is nice for sanity checking formatting before pushing to a live server.

You can either download the image via docker pull ipmb/salt-minion or build it
from the Dockerfile with docker build -t salt-minion .

The included shell script can be used to run a test highstate. It will use the
states and pillars from your local filesystem and run the minion masterless.

It uses environment variables for configuration:

STATES=/path/to/my/states PILLAR=/path/to/my/pillar ./

If you'd like, you can also specify a directory to use for config in place of
/etc/salt. This is helpful if you want to override the minion's default

STATES=/path/to/my/states PILLAR=/path/to/my/pillar CONFIG=/path/to/my/config ./

In /path/to/my/config/minion you could have something like this:

file_client: local
test: True
log_level: warning
state_output: mixed
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