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# Ruby Installtion # Install a single version of Ruby from source # Containers DO NOT NEED to use a Ruby manager like RVM or rbenv. Each container should manage it's own version because it will run a single app # Build me by running $ sudo docker build --tag="ippoipposoftware/docker-devops-ruby:2.1.5" . # Push to DockerHub with $ sudo docker push ippoipposoftware/docker-devops-ruby # Debug by opening a shell $ sudo docker run -t -i ippoipposoftware/docker-devops-ruby:2.1.5 /bin/bash # Inherit from our base OS FROM ippoipposoftware/docker-devops-coreos:ubuntu1404 # Download and extract the ruby source for the version we need RUN wget RUN tar -zxvf ruby-2.1.5.tar.gz # Compile it RUN cd /ruby-2.1.5 \ && ./configure \ && make \ && sudo make install # Install Bundler - It's going to be used by all Ruby applications RUN sudo gem install bundler
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