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restore a backup using rancherize backup storagebox
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Use an internal rancherize to restore a specific backup


With ipunktbs/xtrabackup

This image is designed to be used in conjunction with ipunktbs/xtrabackup. Both
to restore backups from ipunktbs/xtrabackup and in a comming mode where
ipunktbs/xtrabackup creates - but does not run - an instance of this image for
every taken backup.


To run the image manually set at least all environment variables listed below
that do not have a default value in a docker run command.
Available commands:

  • run COMMAND: Run command in a shell withing the container. Ment for
  • list: show available backups
  • restore BACKUP_KEY: Restore the backup given as parameter
    docker run \
        -e RANCHER\_URL=http:\\/\\/\\/v1\\/projects\\/1a1 \
        -e RANCHER\_KEY=XYZ \
        -e RANCHER\_SECRET=XYZ \
        -e RANCHER\_COMPOSE\_VERSION=0.12.2 \
        -e BACKUP\_DRIVER=convoy \
        -e BACKUP\_VOLUME=backup \
        -e STORAGEBOX\_METHOD= \
        -e STORAGEBOX\_URL=s \
        -e STORAGEBOX\_USER=u123456 \
        -e STORAGEBOX\_PASSWORD=xzy \
        ipunktbs/backup-restore:latest restore XXXX-XX-XX-XXXXX

Since there are a few environment variables to keep track of here I recommend
writing a docker-compose.yml to run it instead:

  image: ipunktbs/backup-restore:latest
    - RANCHER_URL=http:\\/\\/\\/v1\\/projects\\/1a5
    - BACKUP_VOLUME=backup
    - BACKUP_DRIVER=convoy
    - STORAGEBOX_USER=u123456
  command: restore BACKUP_KEY
  restart: "no"
docker-compose up

Environment variables

environment variable default value description
RANCHER_URL - Rancher api url as seen in the environment api tab.

IMPORTANT: This is set using sed replacement and inserted into a json file. |
double escape slashes -> http:\/\/\/ |
| RANCHER_KEY | - | Rancher api key to be used by rancher-compose and rancherize |
| RANCHER_SECRET | - | Rancher api secret to be used by rancher-compose and rancherize |
| RANCHER_COMPOSE_VERSION | 0.12.2 | Rancherize version to use - will be downloaded if necessary |
| BACKUP_VOLUME | - | Backup storagebox option - on which global volumes are the backups kept? |
| BACKUP_DRIVER | - | Backup storagebox option - which storage-driver needs to be set so the BACKUP_VOLUME will access the backups|
| BACKUP_PMA_URL | - | Backup storagebox option - which the url which pma should attempt to publish |
| STORAGEBOX_METHOD | sftp | Backup storagebox option - method to access the storagebox to retrieve backup configuration |
| STORAGEBOX_URL | - | Backup storagebox option - url to access the storagebox to retrieve backup configuration |
| STORAGEBOX_USER | - | Backup storagebox option - user to access the storagebox to retrieve backup configuration |
| STORAGEBOX_PASSWORD | - | Backup storagebox option - password to access the storagebox to retrieve backup configuration |

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