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> docker run -d -v /path/to/local/folder:/www -p 8000 --name demo_www irakli/staticwebsite
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Tiny utility for testing Javascript / Single-Page Applications.

A super-lightweight (1.1MB!) Docker container exposes local folder as a website over HTTP.


Put following line in your startup file (.profile or .bashrc or .bash_profile):

alias servehttp='docker run -d -v `pwd`:/www -p 8000 irakli/staticwebsite'

Restart terminal and anytime you need to serve the current folder run servehttp in the root of your HTML files. Docker will assign a random port number to the web-server that you will need to find by running docker ps and identifying proper container.

If you want the port number to always be some predefined one (e.g. 7878) your alias should look like:

alias servehttp="docker run -d -v `pwd`:/www -p 7878:8000 irakli/staticwebsite"

However, in this case you will only be able to serve one folder at a time, since you cannot bind two servers on the same port.

Advanced Usage

docker run -d -v /path/to/local/folder:/www -p 3333:8000 --name demo_www irakli/staticwebsite

You can see your webapp/website being served at: http://<docker-ip>:3333/
If you are using Docker on Linux or are using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows the

<docker-ip> is, otherwise you can find it using docker-machine ls

You can replace:

  1. /path/to/local/folder - with whatever folder you want to publish over HTTP, on the host
  2. 3333 - with whatever port you want to serve the website on (it has to be higher than 1000 due to Unix permissions however)
  3. demo_www - with whatever you would like the container name to be.
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