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Docker-ized DigitalOcean NetBox DCIM and IPAM web application.
Full Description

NetBox on Docker

This is a Docker-ized container of the excellent
DigitalOcean NetBox web application.


A simple all-in-one Docker Compose file is
provided to make testing this software as simple as possible. In order to use
it, simply run:

docker-compose up -d

If you need a more complex setup, you should customize the environment
variables that you need for your deployment.

Environment Variables

These are available for you to customize as needed.

  • DB_NAME: The database name. Defaults to netbox.
  • DB_USER: The database user. Defaults to netbox.
  • DB_PASS: The database password. Defaults to netbox.
  • DB_HOST: The database server hostname. Defaults to localhost.
  • DB_PORT: The database server port. Defaults to 5432.
  • SECRET_KEY: Secret key for verifying cookie session data integrity. Defaults to a random alphanumeric string.
  • EMAIL_SERVER: Email server hostname. Defaults to localhost.
  • EMAIL_PORT: Email server port. Defaults to 25.
  • EMAIL_USERNAME: Email username.
  • EMAIL_PASSWORD: Email password.
  • EMAIL_TIMEOUT: Email timeout. Defaults to 10.
  • EMAIL_FROM: Email "From" address.
  • LOGIN_REQUIRED: Require login to access any information. Defaults to False (read only access allowed).
  • MAINTENANCE_MODE: Display a maintenance mode banner. Defaults to False.
  • DEVICE_USERNAME: Username that netbox will use to access live devices.
  • DEVICE_PASSWORD: Password that netbox will use to access live devices.
  • PAGINATE_COUNT: How many objects to display per page in lists. Defaults to 50.
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