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iRODS iCAT-Enabled Server
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  • This image exposes port 1247 for iRODS.

  • iRODS and Postgres passwords are randomly generated at runtime. You may specify an iRODS rodsadmin password as a command line argument to "docker run".

  • To access a terminal use "docker exec", e.g., "docker exec -ti [container-id] /bin/bash"

Example syntax:

docker run -p [port 1247 redirect]:1247 -d -t irods/icat:4.0.3 [new rodsadmin password]

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a year ago

I created an updated version of irods on docker for the european data project 'EUDAT'. You can find it at eudatb2safe/irods. Also see the instructions to use it with the postgres images:

2 years ago

Would it be possible to make this image available as an automated build from your Github repo. We have the 3.2 release done ( agaveapi/irods ) in this manner and it help tremendously having the image linked to the Dockerfile and assets so we can customize the users and auth we wish to bootstrap the image with. While I'm still trying to convince Chris that this is a better deployment option on Corral, it is invaluable in regression testing and when we spin up new gateway infrastructure. I believe that the process of ensuring an automated build from Dockerfile would also help streamline the installation processes some.

For a production deployment, it would be nice to have a Fig file to spin up the individual components individually. Makes scaling a bit easier as well.