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iRODS iCAT-Enabled Server with iDrop Web 2 web client
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  • This image exposes port 1247 for iRODS and port 80 for iDrop Web 2.

  • iRODS and Postgres passwords are randomly generated at runtime. You may specify an iRODS rodsadmin password as a command line argument to "docker run".

  • To access a terminal use "docker exec", e.g., "docker exec -ti [container-id] /bin/bash"

  • This image uses a script to update the URL of iDrop Web links. The URL stub
    will be of the form http://[$DOCKER_HOSTNAME]:[$DOCKER_PORT80]. You must specify
    these variables on the "docker run" commandline.

Example syntax:

docker run -p [port 1247 redirect]:1247 -p [port 80 redirect]:80 \

-e DOCKER_PORT80=[port 80 redirect] \

-e DOCKER_HOSTNAME=[hostname of the host machine] \

-d -t irods/idrop-web2:4.0.3 [new rodsadmin password]

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