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Easy to use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) server with OpenSSH.


  • Define users as last arguments to docker run, one user per argument. Options in square brackets are optional.
    (syntax: user:pass[:e][:[uid][:gid][:home]]).
    • user sftp username to be created
    • pass password for new user.
    • uid numeric user id assigned to the new sftp user. Generated if not specified.
    • gid primary group id assigned to the new sftp user. Generated if not specified.
    • home home folder for the new sftp user. Defaults to /home/user
    • You must set custom UID for your users if you want them to make changes to
      your mounted volumes with permissions matching your host filesystem.
  • Mount volumes in user's home folder.
    • The users are chrooted to their home directory, so you must mount the
      volumes in separate directories inside the user's home directory


Connecting to standard wordpress

Assuming you've launched wordpress with the conatainer --name wordpress

docker run --volumes-from wordpress --name wordpress-sftp -p 2222:22 -d ironside/sftp foo:123:1000::/var/www

creates a user foo that can access the wordpress files under the /html folder

Single user and volume

docker run \
    -v /host/share:/home/foo/share \
    -p 2222:22 -d atmoz/sftp \

Single user with custom home directory

For example, to provide SFTP access to a location provided by another container via --volumes-from

docker run \
    -v /host/share:/home/foo/share \
    -p 2222:22 -d atmoz/sftp \

Multiple users and volumes

docker run \
    -v /host/share:/home/foo/share \
    -v /host/documents:/home/foo/documents \
    -v /host/http:/home/bar/http \
    -p 2222:22 -d atmoz/sftp \
    foo:123:1001 \

Encrypted password

Add :e behind password to mark it as encrypted. Use single quotes.

docker run \
    -v /host/share:/home/foo/share \
    -p 2222:22 -d atmoz/sftp \

Tip: you can use makepasswd to generate encrypted passwords:
echo -n 123 | makepasswd --crypt-md5 --clearfrom -

Using SSH key (without password)

docker run \
    -v /host/ \
    -v /host/share:/home/foo/share \
    -p 2222:22 -d atmoz/sftp \
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