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Run latest version (v5) of OSRM-backend in docker.
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Easiest way to use this docker image is to use Docker Compose. It allows you to set up your environment and just run one command: docker-compose up whenever you want to get back to where you left off.

OSRM takes a while to start the first time (around 5 minutes) so it is a good idea to keep the generated data in a separate data-volume so you can start or stop your server really quick whenever you want and you will always have the latest state available.

Add this to a file called docker-compose.yml

  image: irony/osrm5
    - /data
  image: irony/osrm5 
    - osrm-data
    - 5000:5000
  command: ./ Sweden

/The first argument is the name you want to give to the map. It's used mostly as a file name in the data storage. The second argument is the URL to your source map file./

Now run docker-compose up and visit http://localhost:5000 and you will be able to query your local routing engine for routes and match gps-positions to the road network.

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