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Use Googles Syntaxnet pretrained with Swedish model

How to use:

echo "Jag vill byta abonnemang till mer data imorgon" | docker run -i --rm irony/syntaxnet-swedish > out.txt
cat out.txt


Input: Jag vill byta abonnemang till mer data imorgon
vill NN ROOT
+-- Jag NNP nsubj
+-- abonnemang NNP dobj
|   +-- byta NNP nn
+-- till IN prep
    +-- imorgon NN pobj
        +-- mer NN amod
        +-- fron NN nn
        |   +-- data NNS nn
        +-- och NN amod
        +-- med VBN amod

To switch language

Just look at the dockerfile and replace Swedish to any of the supported languages.

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