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ISC Locator in a Docker (command like)
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ISC Locator in a Docker

This project was created to allow users on all platforms to be able to use ISC Locator without a need of compiling it. ISC Locator can be found and downloaded on our offcial website.

This container is built that two extra parameters provided to docker run will be passed directly to iscloc command. For example, if you run:

docker run [run options] iscdev/iscloc /data/in_file.dat /data/out_file.log

you pass /data/in_file.dat and /data/out_file.log to iscloc program.

For more information how to install and configure Docker click here

Required parameters

Thic container need three parameters to be spcified in order to work correctly and save output to file. Two of which were mentioned above and one extra parameter for shared folder with host os and docker image.

    1. Mount volume with files to process using iscloc. Files need to be mounted from host OS to running docker container using -v (volume) option.
    1. Input file path (inside running container)
    1. Output file path (inside running container which coresponds to mounted volume on host OS)


We will mount $PWD into /data/ folder inside docker container.
$PWD = working directory (more information)

docker run \
  --rm \
  -v $PWD:/data \
  iscdev/iscloc /data/isf_test_input.dat /data/my_output_file.out

options explenation:

option notes
--rm # Removes container after task is finished. (Files will be saved)
-v $PWD:/data Mounting directory from host OS to /data inside of the running container
/data/isf_test_input.dat Input file that should be located in ~/folder_containing_files
/data/my_output_file.out Output file which will be saved in ~/folder_containing_files/my_output_file.out

RSTT Version

ISC Locator is compiled with rstt support and can be defined by user to use that mode.
Using ebvironmental variable RSTT_SUPPORT on docker run iscloc will use that mode.


docker run \
  --rm \
  -v $PWD:/data \ \
  -e RSTT_SUPPORT=true \
  iscdev/iscloc /data/isf_test_input.dat /data/my_output_file.out


In this example we will run both normal and rstt version of isclocator.
Test file is located in my home directory /home/przemek/host_os_directory/isf_test_input1.dat

Normal iscloc
docker run \
  --rm \
  -v $PWD:/data \
  iscdev/iscloc /data/isf_test_input1.dat /data/my_output.out


RSTT iscloc
docker run \
  --rm \
  -v $PWD:/data \
  -e RSTT_SUPPORT=true \
  iscdev/iscloc /data/isf_test_input1.dat /data/my_output_rstt.out



Author: Przemyslaw Ozgo (

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