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Flink adaptation for Openshift
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Docker Flink JobManager

Readme inspired by ches/docker-kafka:

This build intends to provide an operator-friendly Flink deployment suitable for usage in a production Docker environment. It runs one service, no bundled ZooKeeper (for more convenient development, use Docker Compose!).

There exists a build definition for the Flink jobmanager and one for the Flink taskmanager. The motivation to create this build definition was to get Flink running in Docker with multiple docker containers distributed on different machines (e.g. AWS ElasticBeanstalk, AWS ECS, ..).
JobManager and TaskManager are automatically built and available on Docker registry:

The built docker image has (more or less):

  • proper signal handling
  • docker friendly logging configurations (rolling file appenders, console)
  • a minimal footprint (thanks to alpine linux)
  • a simple runner without using supervisor, zookeeper, docker compose... just calling java directly (while all those other things are still possible)
  • a convenient way to configure flink through environment variables (FLINK_CONF,..)
  • patched version of Flink 1.1.1 with akka 2.4.9 to support NATed netty with bind hostname and exposed hostname (check tag of docker image!)

Warning / Flink Patching

This docker image is provided "AS IS", without warranty of any kind. To be able to use Flink with a more docker friendly setup in a NATed environment (e.g. AWS ECS), the following was necessary :

  • expose additional akka configuration properties through the Flink configuration mechanism
  • update akka version from 2.3.x to 2.4.4 (and therefore only Scala 2.11 is supported) for changes.

The same idea is already documented in (from another person), but I needed it now and for the stable 1.1.1 release of Flink. The configuration options of akka are described in


  • this build definition is a moving part as long as missing features are a no go for production use
  • there's no support for Hadoop/YARN yet (out of the box).
  • this README reflects the latest version (check for -latest prefix in docker image tags).
  • not tested yet:
    • HA mode with zookeeper (should work by tweaking settings via FLINK_CONF)
    • shared/distributed filesystem as state backend (via host or other docker container)

Quick Start


Example where the hostname of the JobManagers ist set to (reachable from external system).


$ docker run -e FLINK_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME= -p 6123:6123 -p 6124:6124 -p 8081:8081 lzaugg/flink-jobmanager:1.1.1_akka-2.4.9-latest


$ docker run -e FLINK_JOBMANAGER_HOST_NAME= lzaugg/flink-taskmanager:1.1.1_akka-2.4.9-latest

Docker Volumes

The container exposes 3 volumes:

  • /flink/logs: logging
  • /flink/tmp: tmp directory for taskmanager
  • /flink/blob: blob directory for taskmanager
  • /flink/state: state directory for taskmanager

Docker Ports and Linking

  • 6123: JobManager RPC port
  • 6124: JobManager "BlobManager" port
  • 8081: JobManager Web Frontend port


The most important env variable is:


    SHOULD BE SET for JobManager. Hostname (or IP address) to be used to connect to this jobmanager from external (e.g. taskmanagers). It's the same as setting FLINK_CONF to akka.remote.netty.tcp.hostname: <external-ip>, just more comfortable.

Other supported environment variables:


    Port to be used to connect to this jobmanager from external. Default 6123.


    You know, the things like -Xmx768m


    Additional java options for flink, e.g. properties (via -D).


    Accepts any YAML string to configure Flink. Can be used to override flink-conf.yaml parameters. E.g. {jobmanager.rpc.port: 6120}. See Configuration section.


    SHOULD BE SET for TaskManager only. Hostname (or IP address) to be used as connection endpoint for the JobManager. It's the same as setting FLINK_CONF to jobmanager.rpc.address: <job-manager-ip>, just more comfortable.


Just the most important configuration properties and their defaults. For a full list see

  • jobmanager.rpc.port: 6123

    jobmanager rpc server port. Exposed.

  • jobmanager.rpc.address:

    Binds the jobmanager rpc server to any available network interface

  • jobmanager.web.port: 8081

    jobmanager server web port. Exposed.

  • env.log.dir: /flink/log

    logging directory. Available as volume.

  • blob.server.port: 6124

    blob server port. Exposed.

  • /flink/blob

    blob storage directory: Available as volume.

  • akka.remote.netty.tcp.hostname: FLINK_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME-not-configured

    External hostname. SHOULD be overridden either through FLINK_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME or FLINK_CONF. ATTENTION: should be an ip address when setting this property directly (through FLINK_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME it's handled).

  • akka.remote.netty.tcp.port: 6123

    external port.


run --rm -e "FLINK_CONF={jobmanager.rpc.port: 6001}" -e FLINK_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME= lzaugg/flink-jobmanager:1.1.1_akka-2.4.9-latest

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