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Docker image that periodically archives a folder to tar.gz file.


docker run -d [OPTIONS] istepanov/archive [no-cron]

Required parameters

  • -v /target/dir/:/target:ro: mount target local folder to container's data folder. Content of this folder will be archived into tar.gz file
  • -v /backup/dir/:/backup: folder where tar.gz files will be stored

Optional parameters

  • -e 'CRON_SCHEDULE=0 1 * * *': specifies when cron job starts (details). Default is 0 1 * * * (runs every day at 1:00 am).
  • no-cron: run container once and exit (no cron scheduling).
  • -e 'PREFIX=backup': tar.gz filename prefix. Default is 'backup'. Tar.gz filename format is PREFIX-YYYYMMDD_hhmmss.tar.gz
  • -e 'TAR_PARAMS=--param1=value1 --param2=value2': additional parameters passed to tar. For instance, --exclude=filename.
  • no-cron: run container once and exit (no cron scheduling).

Upload to AWS S3

Need to upload archives to AWS S3? Use istepanov/backup-to-s3.


Archive folder every day at 12:00pm:

docker run -d \
    -v /home/username/data/:/target:ro \
    -v /home/username/backup:/backup \
    -e 'CRON_SCHEDULE=0 12 * * *' \

Run once then delete the container, ignore .git folders:

docker run --rm \
    -v /home/username/data/:/target \
    -v /home/username/backup:/backup \
    -e 'TAR_PARAMS=--exclude=.git' \
    istepanov/archive no-cron
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