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Base RPM packaging and repository creation utilities
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Base packaging tools

This repo provides a set of docker images used to create RPM packages for the
middleware components developed at INFN CNAF.

The tools are composed by a set of base docker images and a Makefile that
drives the packaging process.

Docker images

There's a docker image for each supported build and packaging platform.
The docker images build upon the following base docker images:

  • centos:centos5
  • centos:centos6
  • centos:centos7
  • fedora:rawhide

Building the images

Images are built and tagged with the script:


To build only a single tag, use the tags bash variable:

tags=centos7 sh

The command above will build only the centos7 image.

The build process produces the following images:

  • italiangrid/pkg.base:centos5
  • italiangrid/pkg.base:centos6
  • italiangrid/pkg.base:centos7
  • italiangrid/pkg.base:rawhide

Pushing the images to a local registry

Images can be pushed to a local registry with the script,
which requires that the DOCKER_REGISTRY_HOST environment variable is set to
the endpoint of a local docker registry.

How the packaging works

The Makefile drives the packaging process.

It fetches code from two repositories:

  • the repository holding the code that will be packaged (i.e. the actual
    service or library)
  • the repository holding the packaging code (i.e., the spec file & other
    packaging configuration)

and then runs rpmbuild over the downloaded spec file.

The Makefile behaviour is configured by the following environment variables:


The name of the component being packaged.


The tag or branch of the component being packaged.


The repo which holds the code for the component being packaged.


The repo which holds the packaging code for the component being packaged.


The tag or branch of the packaging code to be used for the packaging.


The path to the spec file for the component being packaged.


This flag tells the packager to install the built packages in the stage area.

Generated packages

The container puts the generated packages in the /packages directory, inside
the container. This path is configured as a volume, so it can be linked to a
local directory or imported from a data container.

The stage area

The container can also access a stage area, where packages generated during the
build are made available to other builds.
The stage area is in the /stage-area, which is also configured as a volume.
In order to stage the packages produced during a build, set the PKG_STAGE_RPMS
environment variable.

Prebuild steps

To perform local build pre configuration (e.g., to install packages built in a
previous related build and staged in the stage area), a build configuration can
provide a pre-build script, that is run before the build by the Makefile before
running the build.

By default the Makefile looks for a script name in the same
directory where the spec file lives. A custom path for the pre-build script can be


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