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unbound DNS Resolver running in a Docker Container with DNSSEC enabled and anti-pollution configured
Full Description

Unbound (with DNSSEC validation)


Clone dnsmasq-china-list into assets folder.

git clone assets/dnsmasq-china-list

Modify Makefile and build the conf file for unbound.

cp assets/Makefile assets/dnsmasq-china-list/ && cd assets/dnsmasq-china-list && make unbound

Run with docker-compose

docker-compose up -d


These options can be set:

  • DO_IPV6: Enable or disable ipv6. (Default: "yes", Possible Values: "yes, no")
  • DO_IPV4: Enable or disable ipv4. (Default: "yes", Possible Values: "yes, no")
  • DO_UDP: Enable or disable udp. (Default: "yes", Possible Values: "yes, no")
  • DO_TCP: Enable or disable tcp. (Default: "yes", Possible Values: "yes, no")
  • VERBOSITY: Verbosity number, 0 is least verbose. (Default: "0", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • NUM_THREADS: Number of threads to create. 1 disables threading. (Default: "1", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • SO_RCVBUFF: Buffer size for UDP port 53 incoming. Use 4m to catch query spikes for busy servers. (Default: "0", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • SO_SNDBUF: Buffer size for UDP port 53 outgoing. Use 4m to handle spikes on very busy servers. (Default: "0", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • SO_REUSEPORT: Use SO_REUSEPORT to distribute queries over threads. (Default: "no", Possible Values: "yes, no")
  • EDNS_BUFFER_SIZE: EDNS reassembly buffer to advertise to UDP peers. 1480 can solve fragmentation (timeouts). (Default: "4096", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • MSG_CACHE_SIZE: The amount of memory to use for the message cache. Plain value in bytes or you can append k, m or G. (Default: "4m", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • RRSET_CACHE_SIZE: The amount of memory to use for the RRset cache. Plain value in bytes or you can append k, m or G. (Default: "4m", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • CACHE_MIN_TTL: The time to live (TTL) value lower bound, in seconds. If more than an hour could easily give trouble due to stale data. (Default: "0", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • CACHE_MAX_TTL: The time to live (TTL) value cap for RRsets and messages in the cache. Items are not cached for longer. In seconds. (Default: "86400", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • CACHE_MAX_NEGATIVE_TTL: The time to live (TTL) value cap for negative responses in the cache. (Default: "3600", Possible Values: "<integer>")
  • HIDE_IDENTITY: Enable to not answer id.server and hostname.bind queries. (Default: "no", Possible Values: "yes, no")
  • HIDE_VERSION: Enable to not answer version.server and version.bind queries. (Default: "no", Possible Values: "yes, no")
  • STATISTICS_INTERVAL: print statistics to the log (for every thread) every N seconds. (Default: "0", Possible Values: "0, 1")
  • STATISTICS_CUMULATIVE: enable cumulative statistics, without clearing them after printing. (Default: "no", Possible Values: "yes, no")
  • EXTENDED_STATISTICS: enable extended statistics (query types, answer codes, status) printed from unbound-control. (Default: "no", Possible Values: "yes, no")
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