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Alpine Linux v3.4 with iftop v0.17 installed at /usr/sbin/iftop. 4MB.
Full Description

A handy basic image comprising of;

  • Alpine Linux v3.4. A security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc and BusyBox.
  • iftop v0.17. A useful command-line network bandwidth analyser.


I'd expect you use this image as a simple network bandwidth monitoring tool.


Use this command to pull the image manually before runtime:

sudo docker pull itsthenetwork/alpine-iftop:latest


This command will start the container interactively, using host networking mode (necessary if you want to analyse data to or from the host network interfaces). The container will be automatically removed when you quit with the 'q' key.

sudo docker run -it --net=host --name=iftop --rm itsthenetwork/alpine-iftop -n -i any

Additional Packages

If you wanted to install additional packages and build your own image based upon this one you'd start your Dockerfile like this:

FROM itsthenetwork/alpine-iftop:latest

RUN apk -add U -v package_name package_name

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