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Docker hub image repo for ecolex_web service.
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Install using Docker

In order to install the project for development, you have to clone this repo, gain access to the ecolex.docker gitlab repo and follow the instruction from there.

The project uses 3 docker images ( web, maria and solr) and a docker-compose file located in the gitlab repo.

The images are build and pushed automatically in the following dockerhub repos: web, maria and solr .

All 3 images are rebuild on every push on the master branch of this repo.

Web image

The image is build using this Dockerfile. In the web directory you can find two sh files( and used as entrypoints for docker image, ecolex.crontab file containing cron tasks and files used for those tasks (, .

Ecolex Maria image

The image is build from this folder. It contains a Dockerfile and an entrypoint.

Ecolex Solr image

The image is build from this folder. It contains a Dockerfile, .sh files and the xml schema which is copied inside the image.

Django application

We are using Python 3 for the web server application. Initialize an environment with:

$ pyvenv sandbox
$ source sanbox/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Run with:

$ ./ runserver
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