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Amber is a super simple and flexible static website generator, with good support for localization and navigation.

This is a container that lets you use amber without needing to install ruby and gems:

$ docker pull ivanalejandro0/amber
$ docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/code/ ivanalejandro0/amber build   # build the pages
$ docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/code/ -p 8000:8000 ivanalejandro0/amber server  # serve on port 8000

You can define some alias to ease the use:

$ alias amber-build="docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/code/ ivanalejandro0/amber build"
$ alias amber-server="docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/code/ -p 8000:8000 ivanalejandro0/amber server"


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