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Simple Apache PHP Webserver to display the current hostname (e.g. for testing load balancing)
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This image has been created for echoing the current hostname and IP (to easily test and demonstrate, if and how load balancing is working with Docker).

If you are using Docker 1.12 or higher, you can create a service with multiple replicas automatically:
docker service create --name hostecho --replicas 10 -p 3333:80 ivansieder/hostecho

Now, go to your browser and access http://localhost:3333 (if the ports get exposed to the localhost - default on linux) or if you are on Windows/Mac, get the IP of your Docker Daemon host and access it through http://<hostip>:3333. Alternatively, with the latest Docker Engine, you can also expose the ports from the Docker Daemon host to your local machine (it's currently an experimental feature).

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