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A Nerd container automated build
Full Description

A NeRd (Netconf + Redfish) implementation with Clojure and ClojureScript.


  • 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT


  • To run the project:
    • Open with your favourite IDE, preferably Cursive.
    • Start an NREPL session.
    • Navigate to proto-debug/core
    • Switch namespace, load file
    • To start all components use (go)
    • To reset use (reset)
    • To stop use (stop)
  • For interactive development, using figwheel (currently not using the Cursive integration, in TODO):
    • Go in the projects folder, cd path/to/project
    • Enter lein interactive
    • Navigate to localhost:9090/nerd-client
  • For a production build:
    • Make sure that Redis is running
    • Execute in the root folder of the project
  • To run Redis as currently configured in the project:
    • Setup Redis as described in the official page
    • Setup the uri in the project.clj file from redis:// to your current, for example redis://
  • To test the nerd API - navigate to this online documentation and use its console to test out the API.


Redfish specification


  • Kalidas Porika - project owner
  • Ivan Stefanov - developer
  • Michael Ravits - developer
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