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A slide show app
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Scooch about the project

Is a Powerpoint / KeyNote like slide show app but then in the browser.


npm install --production

or docker

docker pull ivonet/scooch


npm start

or with docker

docker run -i -t --rm -p 3000:3000 ivonet/scooch

When running in a docker-machine in a terminal:

open http://$(docker-machine ip default):3000/

When native (linux) in a browser:

open a browser at localhost

Unit testing

Unit tests are written in Jasmine and can be run with Karma. Be sure to have the devDependencies loaded as well:

npm install

You may alsno need to install Karma globally:

npm install -g karma-cli

Now you can run the unit tests by simply running:

karma start

Coverage report can be found in the /coverage directory.

New presentations

Just create the markdown file(s) in your scooch folder and refresh the startup page.
New slides will be picket up immediately.

Love / Hate

I love giving presentations but hate the presentation tools we currently utilize.
This is my antidote.


This tool utilizes markdown as the notation markup.
This makes making slides easy.

See the included tutorials for complete explanations.


  • @pnmtjonahen Thanks! for your efforts on this project
  • thanks rajgoel for bundling some grate plugins

Version upgrade manual

upgrade to 1.5 from older version

  • Add lines within the comments (see index.html) to your own template(s)

upgrade to 2.0 from older version

  • Move all templates within their own folder in the templates folder
  • Move all themes to their corresponding template in the templates folder you just created
  • Adjust your template html(s) to point to the just moved theme css
  • Remove the themes folder
  • If you use a docker-compose.yml file you need to remove the /themes volume


It seams that Versioning is not as it should be in the JS world :-( I checked this application in when it worked! not a few month later I checked it out again to make a small change and it does not work anymore?!?! Seems that I forgot to remember on which version NodeJs and NPM and stuff I build it.
Have to fix it again hehe.

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